Business operational capabilities

Business operational capabilities

Implementation of specific actions to every business /job in the company to aim for a better global efficiency.
Below our services by business activity:

Charges and production

  • Analysis of the chargeposts and cost centers
  • Optimization of production costs
  • Implementation of the KAIZEN and LEAN methods


  • Diagnosis of the quality function
  • Support of implementation of a quality management system (QMS)
  • Upgrade a quality management system (QMS) by process approach
  • Analysis and support in piloting of the quality action plan
  • Certification and quality management
  • Quality: ISO 9001
  • Safety and Health: OHSAS 18001
  • Environment: ISO 14001
  • Food safety management : ISO 22000 HACCP

Security / Safety

  •   Diagnosis of the security
  • Implementation of safety actions plan


  • Diagnosis of the environment
  • Implementation of environment actions plan

Market studies

  • Market analysis
  • Customer Segmentation and targeting
  • Projects feasibility studies
  •   Market studies for validation of projects investment

Marketing and Communication

  • Diagnosis of the marketing and\or communication function
  •   Offer / product repositioning
  • Offer / product repositioning

Commercial approach and Sales force

  • Diagnosis of the sales function
  • Support in the organization and boost of the commercial team

Leadership, human Resources and skills management

  • Social audit
  • Reorganization and Restructuring of the HR
  • Employee skills evaluation
  •   Internal climate
  •   Employee satisfaction
  • Management by the skills

Information systems

  • Definition and organization of the internal information system